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CyberStudio in oil and gas industry

CyberStudio is a multi-industry platform for predictive analytics and technical condition management of industrial equipment. Today we will discuss its application to the oil and gas industry.

CyberPhysics implemented a case of predictive analytics for gas pumping units. To monitor the technical condition and track the dynamics of the operation of gas turbine units, we used the CyberStudio platform.

We developed digital models of the critical systems: the gas-air path, the oil system, the integrated air-cleaning device, and others. In addition, our specialists set up a defect classifier to localize faults in the nodes and issue recommendations for their correction.

The effects did not take long! The system managed to identify the developing defect more than two weeks before the breakdown. Not only CyberStudio prevented an emergency stop but minimized losses for maintenance. The software made it possible to avoid increasing operating costs and save tens of millions of rubles.