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CyberStudio solution in metallurgy

CyberPhysics successfully implemented CyberStudio software at oil and gas, chemical, metallurgical enterprises, and many others. Today we will take a closer look at the CyberStudio solution in metallurgy!

Large plants and factories have long been aiming for digitalization, and not without a good reason. Here are two simple examples of what CyberStudio can and a person cannot do:

1) Optimization of gas consumption in the melting furnace
The inefficient use of gas is a serious problem that entails additional costs.
Cost overruns usually occur because the operator cannot keep track of all the melting process parameters. However, CyberStudio can! Our software acts as an advisor that effectively maintains optimal fuel consumption.
Savings in this case can easily reach 20 thousand dollars per month.

2) Overheating/underheating of workpieces
Controlling the oven temperature requires constant attention. If not, the proportion of defective products increases.
The operator, of course, can look at the monitors without taking his eyes off, without lunch or any days off, but even in this case, his reaction speed will be far behind the one of CyberStudio. In addition, maintaining the temperature is a complex task with many inputs: furnace pressure, air pressure on the furnace, furnace gas pressure, gas-air ratio in the zone, and so on. It is not an issue for our sophisticated platform but it is a challenge for a human.

CyberStudio optimizes parameters online, reducing the impact of the human factor on the final product, and, as a result, production costs. Contact us to find out more!