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Recently, CyberPhysics team members visited the production to explore opportunities for optimization and the potential for implementing the CyberStudio platform. After meticulously navigating the entire technological process and engaging in dialogues with operators and technologists, we embarked on a comprehensive analysis. Our focus was directed towards discerning which aspects of production could benefit from optimization and how our software could contribute.

One intriguing subject that captured our attention was the cooler drum. Its primary role is to compact and cool the mixture before it undergoes the pressing stage. The fundamental principle at play here is that the mixture traverses the drum until it transforms into numerous dense lumps.

The primary objective in optimizing this process revolved around providing the operator with precise signals to determine when the mixture is ready for unloading onto the press. Surprisingly, we discovered that no sensors were currently integrated into the unit. Consequently, operators gauged the mixture's readiness solely by ear, relying on the hearing of experienced specialists who could detect the degree of readiness based on the distinctive sound of lumps colliding with the drum. A similar situation prevailed at the milling stage, where operators employed tactile assessment, inserting their hand into the dry mixture to gauge the sufficiency of grinding.

Despite the remarkable capabilities exhibited by our operators, our team unanimously recommended fitting the cooler drum with audio sensors to streamline and automate this crucial operation!

It's fascinating that among us, there truly are individuals who possess extraordinary abilities! Feel free to share your stories in the comments!