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Conferences of the past week

The fourth annual Scientific and Practical Conference and Exhibition titled "Intelligent Data Analysis in the Oil and Gas Industry" took place in Sochi from September 20 to 22. During this event, Mikhail Gusev, the Director of Business Development at CyberPhysics, delivered a presentation on the topic: "Leveraging the CyberStudio Software Platform for Predictive Analytics in the Gas Processing Industry."

Mikhail provided valuable insights into the capabilities of the CyberStudio platform and its successful utilization with gas pumping units, sharing his expertise with fellow participants at the conference.

Simultaneously, another significant event unfolded — the International Forum "Kazan Digital Week 2023." During this forum, Sergei Nikolaev, the CEO of CyberPhysics, presented a report titled "Illustrations of Predictive Analytics Implementation in the Energy Sector: Lessons from CyberPhysics." Sergei showcased real-world instances of the CyberStudio platform's successful integration within the energy sector and engaged in discussions with forum participants concerning the challenges hindering the advancement of this domain.

Both events proved to be highly informative and engaging, leaving a lasting impression on the attendees. This is how we remembered the past week at CyberPhysics.