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CyberStudio 2.0 Platform Release

CyberStudio is a unique tool that allows you to develop predictive diagnostic and optimization models for any type of industrial equipment. The innovative platform technology is based on the hybrid modeling method. It guarantees the highest accuracy due to the combination of data collected from equipment sensors with the results of physics-based modeling.

Hybrid models help predict equipment operation, successfully carry out advanced technical condition monitoring in real-time, calculate the residual resource of units, optimize and effectively control production processes.

The CyberStudio framework also provides a set of ready-made pre-configured models, which allows you to quickly develop and implement them for different units. Therefore, manufacturing reliability specialists can create and tune machine learning models themselves even without the knowledge of Data Science. And the real-time model operation module timely informs operators about possible breakdowns and equipment defects.

The CyberStudio project is aimed at increasing the digitalization of production assets to reduce operating costs. Contact our specialists, and we will inform you how to implement the CyberStudio platform in your production!